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The most versatile action camera mount on the market

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Use magnets to move your action camera with ease. Snap Mounts allows you to go from shot to shot without having to screw and unscrew your camera every time you want to change perspective. No tools are required, just SNAP and Go! Our full range of accessories allow you to turn any surface or adapter into part of the Snap Mount ecosystem. The SNAP Mount is compatible with all GoPros, DJI Osmo Action, and any 3-prong quick release attachment cameras.


The SNAP Mount is compatible with all GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, and 3 prong quick release attachment cameras. No tools are required just SNAP and Go! The Easy-to-grab finger holds allow you to quickly line up the two magnetic halves for quick mounting solutions.


Shop by Activity. Get inspired and learn how others are using their Snap Mount to capture great shots.


  • Wrench

    Aluminum wrench for tightening Snap Mount thumbscrews.  Use the wrench to make sure your camera and adapter plate are locked in before high-impact activities like biking, skiing or ...

  • Bike Mount

    Use your Snap Mount plus Bike Mount to quickly and easily snap your action camera to your bike! The locking ability ensures that your camera stays put no ...

  • Silicone Boot

    Capture amazing vehicle shots using your SNAP Mount. Protect your paint job AND increase the friction (for a better hold) using the Silicone Boot. The Boot fits over ...

  • Lanyard

    The Lanyard is a MUST HAVE if you plan on using your Snap Mount on the open road. While tested at speeds up to 100mph on flat vehicle ...

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