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Calling all racer car drivers, motorcyclist, and off-roaders. SNAP Mounts have the perfect solutions to capturing all the angles while still having all the fun. 

SNAP Mount

For use on your helmet, car or motorcycle, SNAP Mounts has a solution that lets you capture the best content with ease. Our rare earth, N52 magnets (the strongest commercially available) lets you mount to any steel surface on your vehicle up to 100mph. We highly recommend that you only mount to horizontal surfaces (like the hood, roof or trunk), and ALWAYS use a lanyard when using your action camera on the outside of any vehicle. Check our Lanyard and protective Silicon Boot in the Accessory section.


Compatible with any chin or helmet mount made for GoPro or similar action cameras, our Locking Adapter lets you attach and remove your camera with ease. If you’re about to hit the trail or the road, you can easily twist your camera off to check your settings or footage. Then twist it back on and you’re ready to go! The rare-earth magnets snap the camera in place and the locking tabs ensure there is no way it comes off, no matter how rough the ride is.

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