How does the SNAP Mount work?

The SNAP Mount is a dynamic two-part magnetic mounting ecosystem for action cameras. Each SNAP Mount part has four encapsulated N52 Grade Neodymium (rare earth) magnets. These magnets allow the SNAP Mount to adhere directly to any magnetic compatible surface. Check out our “How To Use” video:

Are the magnets inside the SNAP Mount safe to use with my GoPro?

Yes, the SNAP Mount has been tested for several years with various models of GoPros and there have been no negative impact to the action cameras’ function or battery life. The compass and GPS functionality also function correctly.

Do the magnets affect the SD memory card?

Unlike spinning hard drives and magnetic media of the past, modern SD cards are not impacted by magnetic fields. Here is a statement by SanDisk who is one of the larger SD card manufacturers: SanDisk cards environmental tolerance (waterproof, temperature, magnetic and x-ray proof)

What are the parts of the SNAP Mount?

There are two main parts to the SNAP Mount:

  • THE CAMERA MOUNT – used to mount the action camera to the SNAP Mount
  • THE BACK PLATE W/ NECK LANYARD – used to sandwich non-magnetically compatible surfaces such as t-shirts/jackets, back packs, windows/sunroof, paraglider, hang glider.
    There are also additional accessories:
  • THE ADAPTER PLATE – used to mount the SNAP Mount to almost any other action camera mount.

What is the Adapter for?

The Adapter Plate is used to make any action camera mount that you may already have compatible with the SNAP Mount. See our “How To Use” video here!

Will the SNAP Mount harm my vehicle’s paint?

The SNAP Mount and accompanying magnets are fully encapsulated with ABS plastic. As long as the mount and vehicle surfaces are clean and free from dirt/sand/dust, the SNAP mount will not scratch your vehicle.

I have a really nice car I want to use the SNAP Mount on, are you sure it won’t scratchn the paint?

We have created the SNAP Mat. A laser cut soft rubber mat that will ensure the SNAP Mount cannot scratch your vehicle’s paint. The SNAP Mat also adds additional stability for higher speeds.

How fast can I go with the SNAP Mount mounted to my car?

The answer is, we are not really sure. We’ve posted video on IG/Facebook of it going 95 mph mounted to a hood without a problem. It has room to go faster and we are having it tested and will update soon.

Is the SNAP Mount safe for someone with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)?

No, we do not recommend the SNAP Mount for anyone using a pacemaker or ICD.

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