It’s genius it takes every GoPro mount that you have and it makes it magnetic. I want to get 10 of these and just make all of my mounts THIS! You add in this little rubber mat, 1 you do not scratch your hood or the side panel of your car, 2 it actually gives it a lot more strength because now there is friction also.

– David M.


SNAP Mount passed the test!

I dropped it in my camera bag and it has been my primary GoPro mount ever since.

– Nick M.

Hands down the best GoPro mount on the market!

I’ve used just about every other GoPro attachment and nothing compares to the versatility of the SNAP Mount. I originally bought it so I could use it while snowboarding, as it easily attaches to ANY area on my jacket. I prefer this much more than the chestie where I have to put the strap over my snowboarding clothes. The convince of the SNAP Mount is outstanding as I can also take it off in a matter of seconds if I want to record handheld or have a friend or family member wear it. If you are sick of carrying around all your accessories, ditch all of them and grab the SNAP Mount!

– Nikki F.

recommend Highly

Quality product, stay on very well I did not knock it off at all, knocked once and it caught itself because its magnetic. I use it as a body cam. very happy

– Jeff M.

This magnetic mount is awesome!!

Easy to attach almost anywhere. Lightweight and handy to use, even scuba diving and snow boarding.

– Bill G. 

These things are amazing!

Everyone with a GoPro should have one!!

– Sarah T.

My go to GoPro mount.

I have been working on this mount for 2+ years and believe it is superior to anything else out there for versatility.

– Brad H. 

You do awesome work!

Got the mount this morning. Can’t wait to use it while I’m fishing. You do awesome work! Thanks again!

– Shawn G. 

works as advertised and it is super useful

Received mine today. It works as advertised and it is super useful in many situations. Make u feel so high tech like a 007. The magnets are also very strong and can be attached to your bag or pant:)

– Reese K.

exemplary job

SNAP thanks for the super rapid response. You guys are really doing an exemplary job with the communications. All the best & now looking fwd to whatever you do next.

Talby M. 

I Love It!

Recieved mine last week. I wanted this mount to get better footage while I ride my motorcycle. Magnets are super strong, will never drop unless you pull them apart.

I Had it on my leather jacket and was riding around for few days, had no issue at all.
love it.

– Sean R.

Magnets are stupidly strong!!

Recieved mine yesterday, brilliant. Magnets are stupidly strong!! Already pinched my fingers 🤣🤣

Fits the gopro spot on, nice and snug.

Good idea and will be letting friends with gopros about you.

Good luck with the future.

– Jason D. 

I like what I see!

Just got it today in Singapore. I like what I see! Nice quantity and premium looking packaging and product. Gonna test it out this weekend and post a video on it soon on my YouTube.

– Alan C.


Received mine today and impressed by the strength of the magnets. Can’t wait to use it!

– Mike Q.

really well done

Received mine today, looks really well done. My knock-off brand action cam mounted with no problem. Look forward to making some videos as soon as I get some time on the trail.

– Michael W.

Simply Amazing! Fit and Finish are far superior to any other mount.

This product is a must for any and all who use GoPros to capture anything outdoors. While fishing with a PFD (Lifevest) it is impossible to use a standard chest mounts, the straps won’t fit over the vest, you can’t adjust it etc. With this product I had 6 or 7 different mounting locations on my vest to choose from and they captured everything perfectly without bulky straps and harnesses. On my vest (see photo) I was able to utilize a zippered pocket to contain the rear mount seat allowing my to simply pull the GroPro off and go handheld instantly! I elected to use the lanyard during hand held filming. Once I was finished with the hand held operation in a fraction of a second I simply placed the front portion of the SNAP Mount containing the GroPro against that pocket containing the rear mount and bam, reconnected and I was back filming hands free.

I tried it in a t-shirt and it’s perfect. No straps over your shoulders rubbing into your neck nothing!

I would recommend this product for all applications but for Kayak fishing or boat fishing especially when vests are required it is the only way to film and film comfortably period.

Amazing amazing design. I can not imagine another mount design that could ever take this one’s place at the top.

– Jon B. 

By far my new favorite! I’m blown away by this mount.

I’ve settled for the gopro chestie and helmet mounts in the past but honestly never liked the weight of the helmet mount or the straps involved with the chestie. I’d started using a clip mount for convenience but wasn’t pleased with sacrificing security. We have a big box of assorted mounts that are just never exactly what we want for our activity but this one might replace them all. Wore it the day after it arrived attached to my jacket shoulder while galloping my horse. It was perfect. Love the ease of attaching and the flexibility of places you can stick it. Will be using it on my pdf strap this summer for kayaking. I was concerned when I purchased it might not stay where I want it or would be heavy but I’m pleased to say neither is the case. I am very pleasantly surprised with the magnet strength. Can’t wait to try it on the slopes next week. I’ll definitely be buying more for Christmas gifts 🙂

Buying a second this week for my boyfriend who saw mine and now has to have one of his very own…….totally going to be my one go to mount and I’m not sharing!

– C.C.

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