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Move back and forth between setups with speed and ease. Our SNAP Mount Pro comes with an adapter and locking adapter that lets you set up multiple camera angles with an almost seamless transition between each. Gone are the days of wasting time while breaking down complicated setups. Feel confident in knowing we use rare earth, N52 magnets (the strongest commercially available) in all our mounts and adapter plates.

Use the backplate behind surfaces to mount your action camera to any non-ferrous surface. This lets you transform your jacket, shirt, backpack, hat or window into a quick mounting location. The SNAP Mount also comes with a lanyard that allows you to hang the backplate centered beneath your shirt or jacket. Get great POV shots without the need of a bulky chesty rig!


Create content with your smartphone? Switch from action camera to smartphone with the Swivel Adapter. This phone adapter allows you to pivot your phone, lock it in place and get new vantage points in a snap. Add all the capabilities of the SNAP Mount to your toolbox. The Swivel phone adapter works with virtually all smartphones and easily fits directly onto our SNAP Mount. You still can quickly transition between any shot with the SNAP Mount and the SWIVEL Phone Adapter!

Media Mod

If you have the Media Mod for GoPro, you’ll need the SNAP Media Mod Mount. Since GoPro reversed thumbscrew location on the Media Mod from the standard GoPro Hero, we’ve designed a Snap Mount specifically for this product. The thumbscrew is flipped and has an extended neck for easy accessibility. The SNAP Media Mod Mount enables continued use for live streaming and captures the best content in any location.


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